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Music I’m listening to….

July 31, 2008

I’ll keep a periodical update on my musical habits – sure why not?

Over the last 2 month thens….and my mark out of 10.

Sigur Ros’ new album (8.5 / 10) – not as good as takk but very good!
Miles Davis “kind of blue” (9)
The Beatles “sgt pepper” (9)
Elbow “asleep at the back” ( 8 )
Radiohead “in rainbows” (10)
U2 “live in Paris” (8.5)
REM “accelerate” (7)

A bit all over the place but that’s fairly typical of me.


New U2 Album

July 31, 2008

I bought U2’s new album, “Live in Paris 1987” – and it’s superb. The songs are all Joshua Tree and before – Bono even stops the band during “with or without you” to calm the crowd!

The sound quality is excellent – and only 10 euros on iTunes.

Hadn’t listened to my U2 albums in ages. Will be rectifying that!


Iphone 3 G

July 30, 2008

I bought a 16Gb iPhone 2 weeks ago – and a very pleased with it.

Downsides are it isn’t a much better phone than any other, though the contacts management is excellent and I find typing SMS better. No MMS facility though.

Everything else is excellent! App store, iPod, Internet, mail (no lotus notes yet!) – all with the best user interface I have ever seen!

To give you an idea, I am currently listening to Beck while using the FREE (I like free things) wordpress iPhone client to make this post!

Most of my complaints with it are what it doesn’t do YET! A good sign.

Free Golf Tips!

July 30, 2008

Highly recommended!

I have subscribed to a golf tips video podcast that were recorded by a guy called Joe Beck.

Each podcast looks at a specfic type of shot. They last 2-3 minutes each and he keeps each explanation to 3 or 4 simple points. AND ITS FREE!

Just search for his name in iTunes.

Hello world!

July 30, 2008

Welcome to¬†My Blog. Just as a quick introduction here I am with my month old son Darragh. He doesn’t like blogs just yet (obviously!).

Darragh & I

This is Darragh in a happier mood with my wife, Patrice.

Darragh and Patrice

I’m from a village in North County Wexford, Ireland called Kilanerin. I’m living in the lovely village of Blackrock in County Louth, Ireland.