More on Domino 8.5.2 (BETA)

More on 8.5.2 (BETA)

I am one of those developers that uses the Workspace to organise my databases and only keeps databases in my designer navigator if and when I need them. This allows easier managing of backups and version templates.

I was trying to open a database in Domino Designer 8.5.2 today and despite many attempts and a restart of both Notes AND the PC, it still wouldn’t open!

I then decided to clear all the databases in my ‘Working Sets’ navigator and when I got to the last couple of databases, the database I was trying to open miraculously appeared!

So far my biggest issue with the new designer is that the opening of the databases seems to be very slow and a bit flakey. Incidents like the one today demonstrates what I’m talking about.

BY THE WAY, There is a default working set called ‘Recent Applications’ which shows all recently opened databases. Even if you have included the database in a working set, the database will disappear from the working set if you remove it from ‘Recent Applications’.

Thought for the day …. “Now where is that database gone now?”


3 Responses to “More on Domino 8.5.2 (BETA)”

  1. john head Says:

    FYI – when you write 8.5.2, i think you mean 8.5 beta 2, but reads like it is a maintenance release. very confusing!

  2. Stuart McIntyre Says:

    Just a quick note on Naming conventions – this is ND8.5 public beta 2, or 8.5b2. ND8.5.2 will be the third release of 8.5.x and won’t be out for at least a year or so!

  3. Ruaridh McDonald Says:

    I don’t use the workspace for my applictions when in Designer I’ve created 5 folders on the Bookmark Bar (A-D, E-H and so on) which I drop them into. Means that when they disappear from the Recent Applications list I can still get to them quickly.

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