iNotes on the iPhone

Just ‘installed’ iNotes Ultra lite on the iPhone and it’s actually quite impressive.

I read a Macworld article published today, that IBM have just released a Lotus Notes client for the iPhone – as a FREE download from the Apple App Store!

As a Lotus user and an iphone owner, you can imagine that got my immediate attention.

As it happens, it is NOT available from the App Store. Instead I had to open my work mail file with Safari and when I get the “This browser is not supported page” (Could someone in IBM change the look of this page – It screams “go away!”) click the Notes Ultralite button.

The resulting web page should be saved to the Home Screen on the phone. Instead of a webclip, you get a Lotus Icon – though it still works like a web clip via safari.

Obviously you need a mail file on a domino server for this to work. Obviously (# 2)Native support on the iphone for Domino mail would be a lot better, but my initial reaction is good – though I think my work log-in screen will have to be more iphone friendly.

So over the next week I’m going to give it a good whirl. I’ll report back.


3 Responses to “iNotes on the iPhone”

  1. Paul Mooney Says:

    The login screen can be set to be iPhone friendly. Its in the new webmail redirect template.

  2. Luis Says:

    Dear Friend:
    could you solve this issue? What is the best way? I need an application to access Lotus Notes R5 (what can I do if my company uses it?) mail database from my new Iphone. Tks

  3. OSCAR Says:

    Please paste the link where the Notes Ultralite button redirects you after you get the “This browser is not supported page”.

    Please Please

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