The story of a laptop

It takes a LOT to annoy me – but I am officially annoyed.

My laptop has gone belly up. It has a history of sorts.

It was bought in the past year – by my employer – before I was able to insist on XP. Yep I got a Vista machine – I HATE Vista by the way.

So after much mucking around I got XP on it and it worked really well too.

Two weeks ago I got a nice attack of spyware, which seemed to appear after a boot up – and couldn’t be removed. I don’t recall clicking anything outlandish. Oh well, a re-build was required. I did that 2 weeks ago. All seemed to be fine until this morning – and Blue Screen of death. And no way around it. Safe mode, last known good, nadda.

So thanks to my saviour Joe I got the files of the hard drive and now I’m faced with a few hours of re-build and all I have is my initial Vista recovery disks.

So I’ll have a Vista laptop tomorrow.

I am annoyed.


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