Laser Eyes….

I wore glasses for 10 years. I developed what my optican described as ‘Student eye sight’ while at university. Too much looking and reading up close – couldn’t see faraway things clearly or at all.

Reading overhead projectors, reading road signs, even seeing the golf/hurling/any ball was very difficult -and at times impossible. Glasses solved this, but I played a bit of football and I grew to hate contact lenses.

So after much wiping/losing/getting pissed off of glasses I decided on laser surgery a month before my son Darragh was born – May 2008.

I was anxious, but I couldn’t praise the guys at optilase enough. No pressure, appointment dates and times to suit (even weekends), and a very relaxing experience in terms of the operation itself.

As for the operation I had no need for any worries. It all felt like going to the dentist – except with the comfort of going to the hairdressers. I won’t describe the procedure here (feel free to mail me if you’re really interested) except it was short, pain-free and was like someone washing your eyes and looking into a light for about 20 seconds.

The recovery demands a bit of discipline. LOTS of eyesrops – I didn’t know there so many types! -and a 4 hour period of eye closure on the day. I feel asleep; job done.

I haven’t missed wearing glasses, having fogged up glasses, losing my glasses or my optician at all.

And I can see the golf ball landing now – believe me that helps.

Cost me €2800. I claimed back 42% tax on that. I had the more expensive laser treatment ( worth it) and had the LASEK method of surgery.

Optilase are now offering all private health insurance customers a grand off.

Highly recommended.


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