Initial Thoughts on the iPad

Reading all of the coverage of the lauch of the iPad, I was amazed by my own feeling of indifference on the product.

It is so different to my excitement when the iPhone was launched. it took me 18 months to buy an iPhone in Ireland – but 19 months on and I can’t see myself buying another phone other than an iPhone. Ever. I used to carry a 5th Gen Video iPod and a Nokia 6310. I needed an iPhone. I wanted an iPhone. I had to have an iPhone. I use it constantly.

I just don’t need/want/have to get an iPad. No camera. Not enough space (16Gb? I have a USB key that holds 16Gb). No iChat. No iPhoto, yet it has iWork? No wireless mouse capabilities and yet a keyboard dock is available.

But most importantly, I have an iPhone. it does everything I need a mobile communications device to do. Ignore the cool factor – does the iPad replace it? does it fit in your pocket? I carry a laptop and an iPhone to work – I’m not carrying a third device.

The iPad also worries me slightly. I’ve noticed my iPhone 3G has gotten a little less responsive with every new version of the iPhone OS I have installed. How will it handle the iPad version of the OS? Worrying.

Also, buried in the sub text was an admission of a mistake by Jobs. the iPad will be unlocked. The iPhone should never have been locked to a provider either – it only hindered sales of the iPhone. They’ll not make the same mistake again.

I get the feeling that I’ll not be alone with these opinions. Granted I haven’t held one yet. I just thought that Apples next step would have seen a trimmed Macbook Air with Leopard fill the gap (500€-800€) the ipad is supposed to fill.

Apple’s favourite mistake.


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