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October 6, 2008

Whilst wallowing in the New York Giants’ 4-0 start to the regular season, I drifted onto this morning, and received a pleasant surprise.

The site really fills a PC screen with images, flash and automatic Ajax calls to update content -not usually a good site for the iPhone.

However, the site detected my iphonne safari browser and through their URL, provided an excellent stripped down version of the site that felt like the MLB’s superior ‘At-Bat’ iPhone app (highly recommended for baseball fans).

A lesson in simple yet extremely effective design for all us web developers!

And the Giants give a lesson to the crowd-noise-piping Seahawks!


Free Golf Tips!

July 30, 2008

Highly recommended!

I have subscribed to a golf tips video podcast that were recorded by a guy called Joe Beck.

Each podcast looks at a specfic type of shot. They last 2-3 minutes each and he keeps each explanation to 3 or 4 simple points. AND ITS FREE!

Just search for his name in iTunes.