More on Domino 8.5.2

I am one of those developers that uses the Workspace to organise my databases and only keeps databases in my designer navigator if and when I need them. This allows easier managing of backups and version templates.

I was trying to open a database in Domino Designer 8.5.2 today and despite many attempts and a restart of both Notes AND the PC, it still wouldn’t open!

I then decided to clear all the databases in my ‘Working Sets’ navigator and when I got to the last couple of databases, the database I was trying to open miraculously appeared!

So far my biggest issue with the new designer is that the opening of the databases seems to be very slow and a bit flakey. Incidents like the one today demonstrates what I’m talking about.

BY THE WAY, There is a default working set called ‘Recent Applications’ which shows all recently opened databases. Even if you have included the database in a working set, the database will disappear from the working set if you remove it from ‘Recent Applications’. Found that one out the hard way.

Thought of the day ….. “Where’s that database gone now?”


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