3 Months Old Today

September 23, 2008
The Dude with the Hood!

The Dude with the Hood!


Current Podcasts

September 23, 2008

A quick list of the podcasts I subscribe to:

Ian Dempsey breakfast show

Colm and Jim-Jim breakfast show (duggie and gitsy are class)

Taking Notes (the last one with Ed Brill and Dwight Morse was excellent!)

Stephen Fry’s podgrams

Apple Gazette Daily

San Francisco Giants – Chronicle podcast

New York Giants official podcasts

Discovery channel video podcasts

Talking History – Newstalk 106

Macworld video podcast

Official LOST podcast

RTE – conversations with Eamon Dunphy

All Finished Operations Window

September 19, 2008

Just noticed a new pane in the Domino R8.5 BETA 2 designer client that is VERY WELCOME!

It seems to be called the ‘All Finished Operations’ pane and it gives you information on the progress of tasks being run by the Designer client itself.

Domino Designer R8.5 BETA 2 - All Finished Operations Pane

Domino Designer R8.5 BETA 2 - All Finished Operations Pane

Now maybe I just hadn’t spotted this window in previous versions of the client and it’s not new – it’s just new to me! It seems to give information on process that are happening in the background of the designer – like “Yes I’m opening that huge database on the company server that ain’t exactly next door – hold your horses!”
A very welcome addition to the client. It certainly beats the flashing lightening symbol on the bottom right on the client telling us very little.

8.5 (BETA 2) – A Clarification

September 18, 2008

First things first, my thanks to Paul Mooney for letting the Domino community know about my blog – I’ll have to write stuff for it now!

On my last 2 posts, I have been telling people about my experience with Domino 8.5 BETA 2. I explained where I was coming from on the first post on the subject and that I am using the beta. However, on my last one – where I was pointing out a problem with the working sets functionality I didn;t make it clear that it was a BETA.

Apologies for the confusion. I did say in my first post on the subject that I am using the beta 8.5.2 release. I have added the word BETA to the title of the confusing post.

Overall it has been a positive changeover to eclipse, but as a 10 year Domino developer, I’d like people to know how I’m getting on with the new environment and if any IBM people get this feeedback and fix these minor gliches, it might allieviate a future headache or two for us all.

On the upside, I’m getting visitors and causing controversy. Huzzah!

More on Domino 8.5.2 (BETA)

September 18, 2008

More on 8.5.2 (BETA)

I am one of those developers that uses the Workspace to organise my databases and only keeps databases in my designer navigator if and when I need them. This allows easier managing of backups and version templates.

I was trying to open a database in Domino Designer 8.5.2 today and despite many attempts and a restart of both Notes AND the PC, it still wouldn’t open!

I then decided to clear all the databases in my ‘Working Sets’ navigator and when I got to the last couple of databases, the database I was trying to open miraculously appeared!

So far my biggest issue with the new designer is that the opening of the databases seems to be very slow and a bit flakey. Incidents like the one today demonstrates what I’m talking about.

BY THE WAY, There is a default working set called ‘Recent Applications’ which shows all recently opened databases. Even if you have included the database in a working set, the database will disappear from the working set if you remove it from ‘Recent Applications’.

Thought for the day …. “Now where is that database gone now?”

Domino 8.5.2 – My Experiences

September 17, 2008

I haven’t had time lately to look more at X Pages, but over the next month I plan to re-write a web site I look after with X Pages to see how it goes.

BUT, I have been running Domino 8.5.2 (BETA) on the laptop for work projects over the last 3 weeks. I was running 8.0.1 before the upgrade. How’s it gone? Well…….

1) It’s no faster to load than R8. (I didnt use 8.0.2 before anyone shouts)
2) ECLIPSE – it’s different:
– It seems slower to work with it somehow. I am getting faster with it, but I’m not up to my 8.0.1 speed.
– UI is still buggy. Leave the finger on the trackpad and unintentionally you’ll move windows around. There’s no ‘Barry Setup’ or anything to get back, so I usually save my work and restart the designer.
– Previewing in the client is PAINFULLY slower.
– I can’t just press the letter ‘H’ to get to the ‘Hello’ form. ALL DEVELOPERS USE THIS – I hope IBM finds a way to include it! It’s the most anoying thing about the new designer.

3) No ‘Teamstudio Configurator’ facility. YES it has a ‘Search’ option, but it’s not find and replace (which I use a lot, especially in UAT & deployment). I don’t know of any other development platform that does not include this facility.

4) The Designer ‘Start Page’. I wanted to keep this coming up when I started designer as I haven’t fully gotten used to it yet, but I had to turn it off. IT WAS APPEARING EVERYWHERE – and radically slowing down start up time for Designer. I wish these start pages were available as a pop-up when I wanted them and not exist on start-up. Annoying.

5) I ave not figured out this ‘Working Sets’ thing at all. I have a fairly cluttered database list.

6) Although it took a while I ‘ve found the new design element structure easy enough to follow. HOWEVER, the decision to move Framesets and Pages to somewhere in the middle baffles me. For the vast majority of applications these 2 elements are the start point. It made more sense to me to leave them at the top. And who’s bright idea was it to promote ‘Folders’ to third in the list. Does any developer use folders in designer any more?


1) It hasn’t crashed nearly as much as the 8.0.1 release – and it’s a beta! I have not run the new 8.0.2 relase which is meant to be faster & better, and I’m hoping I won’t have to.

2) The Eclipse UI (yes it has it’s good points)
– Yes it’s radically different but I found myself swapping between Domino 6.5.2 (that we use on a customer site) and my laptop without any problem fairly quickly. I also feel more like a programmer with it somehow. Maybe its my maturing years talking.
– The change to the properties boxes is brilliant. Copy and Paste Rules OK!

3) The server hasn’t given me any trouble at all. I even gave a customer demo with it.

4) AT LAST SOMETHING FOR DEVELOPERS! I am a PCLP Developer in R5-R8 and I didn’t notice any radical/useful new design elements or features for developers in any of the R6, R7 or R8 releases. Sure we can organise our script libraries/stylesheets, add web services, and the rest, but we were already doing this. NOTHING WAS NEW! Everything seemed targetted at Administrators and enhancing plug-ins (like Sametime). Does anyone use Composite Applications? I mean at all?

X Pages will change how I for one will work in the future and the ability to add new eclipse plugins makes me feel more secure that Domino will grow and allow developers to grow with it.
This is only the first of my posts on this subject. I’m not running any other Domino versions and use the clients for 100% of my work.

Lotus Domino X Pages

August 29, 2008

On Thursday and Friday (Aug 28-29) I attended a workshop on the IBM campus on “X Pages” – a new feature on the upcoming Lotus Domino 8.5.

(So all non-Domino developers can skip the rest of this entry)

X Pages is a method of presenting domino design elements and documents on a browser. Its very VB in it’s approach but is still very Domino in attitude.

It’s also been my first look at domino designer on ecllipse – which is quote different and will take a bit of getting used to.

I could go on a bit here, but perhaps the best thing is for me to do a bit more exploring and post updates on my progress.

My initial impression of. X Pages is that shared by many who have used – it is the biggest step forward for domino development since R5.

Cool Tee Shirt

August 22, 2008

A present from Chris, Fiona & Lucy. Says it all….

Free iPhone Texts!

August 13, 2008


Last night I downloaded the first GREAT app store application for my iphone – AND IT WAS FREE!!!

It is called EirText and was made by Vincent Coyne (http://www.vinnycoyne.com). What it does is it allows you to send SMS messages from the iphone as if you had logged onto O2’s site and using your free monthly texts! So instead of me having my measily 250 texts per month, I now have 500!

As you can guess it’s the number 1 download on iTunes at the minute with over 500 in the first 2 days. If you have an iphone it is a must have!

One thing – If you don’t get it soon, there is a VERY good chance that O2 will force Apple to remove it from the app store – less revenue for them. If that does happen, I have it and will mail it to anyone who wants it!

If Vincent is reading this – a thousand thank yous…..em……and any chance of a skype client?

A Sunday Morning Chat

August 3, 2008

A good 5 hour & 3 hour sleep for Darragh last night left a happy baby full of chat this morning!