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Lotus Domino X Pages

August 29, 2008

On Thursday and Friday (Aug 28-29) I attended a workshop on the IBM campus on “X Pages” – a new feature on the upcoming Lotus Domino 8.5.

(So all non-Domino developers can skip the rest of this entry)

X Pages is a method of presenting domino design elements and documents on a browser. Its very VB in it’s approach but is still very Domino in attitude.

It’s also been my first look at domino designer on ecllipse – which is quote different and will take a bit of getting used to.

I could go on a bit here, but perhaps the best thing is for me to do a bit more exploring and post updates on my progress.

My initial impression of. X Pages is that shared by many who have used – it is the biggest step forward for domino development since R5.


Cool Tee Shirt

August 22, 2008

A present from Chris, Fiona & Lucy. Says it all….

Free iPhone Texts!

August 13, 2008


Last night I downloaded the first GREAT app store application for my iphone – AND IT WAS FREE!!!

It is called EirText and was made by Vincent Coyne ( What it does is it allows you to send SMS messages from the iphone as if you had logged onto O2’s site and using your free monthly texts! So instead of me having my measily 250 texts per month, I now have 500!

As you can guess it’s the number 1 download on iTunes at the minute with over 500 in the first 2 days. If you have an iphone it is a must have!

One thing – If you don’t get it soon, there is a VERY good chance that O2 will force Apple to remove it from the app store – less revenue for them. If that does happen, I have it and will mail it to anyone who wants it!

If Vincent is reading this – a thousand thank yous…..em……and any chance of a skype client?

A Sunday Morning Chat

August 3, 2008

A good 5 hour & 3 hour sleep for Darragh last night left a happy baby full of chat this morning!